Olivia and Max 9.4.21 Wickham Park

I was trying to think of how I first met Liv, and I can only guess it was something to do with one of my first sweet friends I made in New England, her best friend, Natalie! Tim and I then met both Max and Liv out for a pint at Powder Hollow to discuss wedding plans and luckily the rest is history.

Olivia is one of the sweetest, kindest humans we’ve ever met. She is always smiling, super bubbly and as Natalie once told me, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. I also think she has the most adorable voice on planet earth! I’ve always loved every time I got to see or work with both Liv and Max, and I cannot wait to finally meet their sweet baby dog, The Fonz (aaaaaaaaay). We had a blast at their engagement session, as they ran in a field and romped in a meadow. Yup, Liv described it as romping to Max. They also were lovely enough to let me use one of their engagement pictures in my Halloween series.

We really loved every single part of Olivia and Max’s wedding day. Going in, I figured Natalie would be the bridesmaid to give me the best pics, and while she shown as always with her flippin’ awesome personality, it was a different bridesmaid that I fell deeply in love with that day LOL. From a very large bottle of vodka, epic cigar smoke and a guy named Dad, the day was too much fun for words. There were also really beautiful and meaningful parts as well, like when Liv danced with Max’s dad and her sisters watched, all in memory of her belated father. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Both speeches from Liv’s sister and Max’s brother were also full of laughter and love.

We are so ecstatic for this beautiful couple’s journey together, especially with Fonz now! I cannot wait for their next adventure as I really truly hope to capture their whole story!

We love you tons, Liv, Max and Fonz!!!