Elyse and Will, Salem Herb Farm 10.3.21

We first met Elyse and Will last year in the midst of the pandemic. We did a gorgeous autumn engagement session at Gillette Castle, and it was so fun to get to know them! I distinctly remember talking about their proposal (on a hike I believe it was…), craft beer and sourdough bread making… good times. They got to meet Jace and Isla since Tim was playing at the pond with them while I photographed, and I also got to know that Will looks like Ryan Reynolds in the Amityville Horror remake (Idk...I need to see Will with an axe and crazed eyes).

When Elyse contacted me about their wedding I was soooooo pumped. I told Tim I really hoped they would, and they did! She told me about their brunch wedding plans and I was like...um brunch...count us in!!!!!! I mean we couldn’t partake in the mimosas, bloody marys or awesome looking spiked cider or coffee drinks, but we did enjoy the quiche, ham, croissants, cheese and other perfect brunch food. If you can pull of a brunch wedding as perfectly as Elyse and Will did, I HIGHLY recommend it!

The decor was all handmade by Elyse (and Will?). I mean her bouquet was out of this world!! It is hands down the most gorgeous, rustic, perfect bridal bouquet I’ve ever seen and she made it herself with flowers from her garden and a local store *que jaw drop here. She needs to get a side gig as a florist. And a wedding decorator. I’m just in awe of her talent.

The venue was absolutely adorable too. An herb farm!? What!? Can you get any cuter than that in New England?! No, no you cannot. There were honeybees (see ring photo), tall grasses and herbs, a garden, arches, a little barn. The whole scene was to die for in the cutest brunch, autumn way possible. I just cannot get over it!

We also really loved the father daughter dance. Elyse’s father put together a slideshow of her as a little girl, featuring pictures of the two of them during their dance and then...he gave her off to Will and the slideshow changed to pictures of Will and Elyse. If your heart didn’t just pitter patter with all your heartstrings pulling, you’re a soulless poncho.

The whole morning was absolutely perfect. We taught the wedding party a fun little dirty game to play to make them laugh - it turned into a thing. Elyse and Will have such an awesome love story - full of adventure, hiking, travel and boundless fun. We would have so much fun hanging out with them although I’m not sure we could keep up with Will’s whiskey hikes (as told by the best man). I think I’d probably die...but it would be wicked fun trying!!!

We adore you, Elyse and Will. Thank you so so so so much for letting us capture your legendary brunch wedding!!!

All our love!