Anna and Audun, Wadsworth Mansion 6.18.22

We first met Anna and Audun many years ago at a bridal show, and we’ve been working with them on planning and re-planning their wedding ever since! Even though the pandemic put a wrench in their plans (especially since a very large portion of their guests were coming from Norway), their wedding day this June was purely perfect in every way!

The Wadsworth Mansion was the idyllic setting for the Gatsby vibes of the day! The roaring 20’s were prevalent in every detail, and they even did the Charleston for their first dance! It was literally everything and then some!

We absolutely loved getting to know them and their friends and family. I especially loved Anna’s wedding party - they gave me so much jazz and felt like friends! Audun’s wedding party was also fun, especially with their dance moves!

One of our favorite things of the day …other than the first dance, cake, epic love, fun speeches and every tiny detail was the adorable Norwegian tradition of stomping feet - the bride and groom go under the table and kiss or clinking glasses - they stand on their chairs and kiss. How fun is that?!

We absolutely loved every aspect of the day and hope we can spend time with Anna and Audun some day when we get to Norway!!!

Congratulations to Anna and Audun!!!

All our love!


Rayleen and Tim

Meraki Photo, Inc.