Emily and Leonardo The Lake House

Haaaaaaaaaaaaave you met Emily and Leo?! I can totally say that because not only does Emily look like Robin Scherbatsky, but their legendary friend, Michael, has a yellow umbrella tattoo…so I automatically LOVE him (and his wife!!!). Also, Leo is a total romantic like Ted…except not as whiney but definitely has really good hair like him! If you haven’t met this GORGEOUS couple (inside and out), you’re missing out!!!

I met Emily and Leonardo at a winery last summer to capture their love for their engagement photos. It was love at first sight - for me lol Emily is so down-to-earth and fun, she’s easy to talk to and her and Leo’s love is off-the-charts!!! Their chemistry is oooo-la-la old Hollywood romance at its finest.

We are so grateful we could capture their stunning, artsy and romantic wedding. Their friends are everything, and I’m really digging the brunch weddings!!! There were so many meaningful parts to their wedding: Emily reading her vows in Portuguese for Leo; Emily’s dad playing the saxophone for a beautiful song for the two of them; Emily’s mom’s toast/story reading; Emily’s bridesmaid giving her a handmade bracelet; Leo talking to his mom in Brazil on video chat and tearing up and of course the fun Brazilian tradition of cutting the groom’s tie! Even though there was a mishap with the garter, Emily’s hilarious and sweet bridesmaid had her friend go and buy a new one the day of!!! The rain cleared up right as the two got married and the day was absolute perfection!!!

We are so excited to know Emily and Leo! We cannot wait for their Lord of the Rings stylized photoshoot (yes, that is happening and yes, that is Tim’s favorite movie of all time). Also, Tim was wicked impressed Emily and Leo watched every Marvel movie together. They’re simply the best I

Congratulations, Emily and Leo! We absolutely adore you and your friends as well!

Can’t wait to see you soon!

Cheers and all our love!


Rayleen and Tim, Meraki Photo, Inc.