Kylie and Gary, Chatfield Hollow Inn 9.25.21

I'm droppin' this preview album like: (insert GIF of extraordinary mic drop because I don't know how to do both GIFs and a preview album).

I had the distinguished privilege of getting to photograph Kylie and Gary’s intimate wedding last September. It was their immediate family, me and Pearl Weddings & Events (and Gary's adorable grandparents in their backyard). It was gorgeous, perfect and unforgettable.

Fast forward a year, and this time, both Tim and I had the extreme honor of getting to photograph their renewal, surrounded by all of their family and friends. Let me tell you, it was legendary. The aesthetics alone were like no other. Pearl Weddings & Events and Kylie (and Gary?) knocked it out of the ballpark. The colors, the floral arrangements, every tiny detail...and especially The Max (the most amazing drink ever made by the extremely talented The Liquorist (...Tim will be copying that drink this weekend for our besties Julian and Hyun who also hired the Liquorist for their wedding). Every single detail and moment was perfect. The venue was like no other. The happy hour before the ceremony should happen at every wedding in my opinion. Why would drinks not be served and brought to the ceremony!? That’s just damn genius.

Their pup, Max, was there again. I still equally love him. I tried to steal him again but nonetheless failed...again.

This wedding/renewal can be summed up as such: so much love and laughter (see every picture of laughter in this preview album); absolutely breathtaking decor; the cutest wedding pup on earth; super fun friends at table 8 (you know who you are and you know what you did); talk of true crime and new friendships made (duh with Kylie but also with their videographer Blake...girl, bonfire soon!) and just the perfection that is Kylie and Gary. I believe it was the best man that said that. Kyle and Gary are perfect. They truly are. Their love was mind blowingly obvious a year ago and it was even stronger at their renewal. I'm in awe of it.

We’re so honored to know Kylie, Gary and Max. We cannot wait to get to Brooklyn to share a pint and discuss true crime (well, possibly something else for Gary and Tim but we’ll see).

We love you tons and are so happy for you both!!!

Congratulations and all our love!!!